Double Alpha Mr. BulletFeeder Kit


The Double Alpha Mr. BulletFeeder Kit greatly improves the efficiency of any 4 station or larger progressive reloading press, making the process of reloading easier, faster and safer. The gravity operated design is extremely tolerant of user error, such as longer brass being fed through the machine. The kit features a dropper that functions without any springs or plastic inner foot and is machined from top grade 17.4PH stainless steel, offering years of use. The power supply includes two main leads, 220v and 110v, and has an adjustable potentiometer switch allowing the user to slow down the collator to help improve performance with some bullet types. The Mr. BulletFeeder collator attaches to the case feeder and if the press does not have a case feeder the user will have to improvise another way to mount the collator.


Uses 7/8″ dies
Will work on any progressive press with a minimum of 4 stations
Available calibers include .223, .308, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, and 9mm
No expanding powder funnel is included with the rifle versions, because throating the rifle brass in the powder funnel is not possible. That would lead to too small a powder through hole. Flaring the brass must be done as a prep stage or using a modified M-die. Handgun caliber versions do include an expanding powder funnel.

Product Information
45 ACP
308 Winchester
223 Remington
9mm Luger
40 S&W
110 Volts
Delivery Information
Shipping Weight 5.575 Pounds – 5.840 Pounds


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