Lee Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure


The Lee Pro Auto-Disk powder measure is perfect for the high volume reloader utilizing a progressive reloading press. The innovative design will not cut powder and almost totally eliminates leakage, the large hopper with shut-off valve is attached with brass thumb nuts for the ultimate in disk changing convenience. The positive pull-back lever increases safety. Comes with four disks, swivel adapter and spring return lever with spring. Designed to be mounted on the Lee Pro-1000 and Loadmaster presses with Lee powder-through expander dies.

Attachment: Lee powder-through expanding dies or Rifle powder charging die (Sold separately)

Four disks with 6 cavities per disk to measure powder
Chain to throw powder charge
Notes: The Lee Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure will work with turret presses when setup properly although it was not designed for this application.

Product Information
Maximum Powder Charge
21.1 Grains
Minimum Powder Charge
2.7 Grains
Metering Chamber
Country of Origin
United States of America
Delivery Information
Shipping Weight 1.410 Pounds


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