Lyman Brass Smith Powder Measure 1 For Sale


Lyman Brass Smith Powder Measure

Lyman’s Brass Smith Powder Measure is unmatched for value, features and performance! Whether dropping charges for small pistol cases or large rifle cases, this measure gives consistent and accurate performance. The CNC machined steel metering cylinder features a micrometer adjustable thimble with reference lines so resetting the measure is easy.

The reservoir is equipped with a powder baffle which maintains a consistent powder level for top accuracy. The cylinder also allows for the handle to be positioned on either side for true ambidextrous use, plus it can be positioned at different angles for maximum user comfort. The measure body is machine with a 7/8”x14 thread to fit all standard presses and stands. Also include two drop tubes to cover the full range of calibers.


Micrometer adjustment
Ambidextrous metering cylinder/handle
Multiple handle angle positions for optimum comfort
CNC machined steel metering cylinder
Includes powder baffle
Machined with 7/8”x14 threads to fit all presses and stands

Product Information
Adjustment Type
Micrometer adjustable thimble
Metering Chamber
Rifle and Pistol
Powder Type
Smokeless Powder
Country of Origin
United States of America
Press Mountable
Delivery Information
Shipping Weight 3.265 Pounds

lyman brass smith powder measure

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