Lyman Micro-Touch Digital Powder Scale 1500 Grain Capacity


Lyman is one of the most recognized names in reloading, producing innovative tools for serious shooters and reloaders. Offering products that get the job done while still offering value and advancing technology. Lyman uses its years of experience and user feedback to offer the best performing reloading tools available.

The Lyman Micro-Touch 1500 offers reloaders many high end features at an affordable price. Featuring touch screen controls and a large easy to read display, this scale is accurate to 1/10th of a grain over its full 1500 grain operating range. Power can be supplied by the included AC adapter or three standard AAA batteries. With its compact size and ability to run on both AC and battery power this scale can be used at home or at the range. Loaded with all of these features the Accu-Touch 1500 continues with Lyman’s commitment to value and getting the job done.


AC adapter
Fold back dust cover
Powder Pan
Calibration Weight

Touch Screen Controls
Battery Back Up

Product Information
Power Source
110 Volt
Maximum Powder Charge
1500 Grains
Minimum Powder Charge
1 Grains
Delivery Information
Shipping Weight 0.910 Pounds


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