MEC 600 Slugger Single Stage Shotshell Press 12 Gauge 2-3/4″, 3″


The MEC 600 Slugger, based off the #1 selling MEC Jr Mark V shotshell reloading press, is a quick, efficient single stage press specifically designed for loading rifled or sabot slugs. The MEC 600 Slugger folds the plastic into the shell to look like a roll crimp when the shell is finished with the use of MEC’s special dies. Depending on your load, the 600 Slugger can load between 100 and 125 rounds per hour of your favorite hunting or self-defense rounds.

Shell Length:

Factory set at 2-3/4″
Press can be adjusted to 3″ without any other needed parts

Cam-action Crimp Die
Spindex Crimp Starter (swivels to align itself correctly with original shell creases)
Priming Feature: Built in, (can be upgraded to automatic primer feed with the MEC 285 CA primer feed item # 828-857, sold separately)
Load Rate: 100-125 shells/hour


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