MEC 9000GN Progressive Shotshell Press 12 Gauge 2-3/4″


MEC is known for making high quality presses that will last. The 9000GN Progressive Press features automatic indexing and shell ejection (preset by the factory), ten operations at six stations, E-Z Prime primer feeder and a will turn out a completed shell with each stroke. Additional die sets to change gauges are not available.

Shell Length: Set to load 2-3/4″
Priming Feature: E-Z Prime Primer Feed (fill with primers and the loader does the rest)
Charge Bar Shot Weight: 1-1/8 ounce (Lead shot only)
Powder Bushings Included: 29, 30, 32
Gauge Conversions Available: No

Performs ten operations at six stations at once; with every stroke a reloaded shell is completed.
Kits available to make steel shot compatible (not included).
Removal of loaded shell causes carrier to index.
Die sets NOT available.

Three Crimping Stations (first station starts the crimp, the second station closes the crimp and the third places a taper on the shell)
“Auto-Dex” Automatic Indexing (with finished shell ejection)
“Auto-Cycle” Charging
“Power Ring” Resizer (gives consistent, accurately sized shells for optimum gun performance)

Product Information
Shell Length
Frame Material
Press Type
Progressive Press
Priming Feature
E-Z Prime Primer Feed
Handle Location
Top Center
Number of Mounting Holes
Spent Primer Collection System
Gauge Conversions Available
Powder Bushings Included
29, 30, 32
Charge Bar Shot Weight
1-1/8 oz (lead shot only)
Delivery Information
Shipping Weight 27.110 Pounds


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