MEC Super-Sizer


MEC is known for making high-quality shotshell presses that work great for all levels of shotshell reloaders from beginners just learning this skill to advanced loaders who have been reloading for decades. The Super-Sizer contains MEC’s exclusive Power-Ring collet sizing device. Eight steel fingers resize the base back to original dimension. Great for updating conventional reloaders. Accepts all shotshell lengths.

Features: “Power Ring” Collet Resizer (eight steel finger encircle the base and apply even pressure until the base is reshaped back to its original size)


Bench Mountable
Gauge Specific

Product Information
12 Gauge
10 Gauge
28 Gauge
410 Bore
16 Gauge
20 Gauge
Delivery Information
Shipping Weight 5.125 Pounds – 5.135 Pounds


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