National Metallic Digital Powder Scale 1600 Grain Capacity


The National Metallic Electronic Powder Scale provides reliable accuracy at an affordable price. It provides accurate measurements up to 0.1 of a grain* for the perfect load. The digital display is backlit and easy to read. Calibration is fast and simple thanks to the included 20 gram calibration weight. The metal powder pan makes it easy to measure and move powder. Get fast and accurate measurements with the National Metallic Electronic Powder Scale.

*Note- Measurement accuracy is ±0.1 of a grain up to 1600 grains. Accuracy is ±0.01 of a gram up to 100 grams.


Power Adapter
Plastic Cover
Metal Powder Pan
20-Gram Calibration Weight

1600 Grain Capacity
Plastic Cover
Metal Powder Pan
AAA Battery or 110 Volt power supply
Can measure in either Grams or Grains
Single Point Calibration
20 Gram Calibration Weight
Backlit Display
Product Information
Plastic and Metal
2 Inches
5.5 Inches
4.5 Inches
Power Source
Dual – 110 Volt or Battery
±.1 Grains
Maximum Powder Charge
1600 Grains
Minimum Powder Charge
0.1 Grains
Delivery Information
Shipping Weight 1.245 Pounds


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