Inline Fabrication offers several upgrades for your reloading press that make your reloading more enjoyable. The Ultramount Kit offers press owners the option of mounting their presses higher up and over the top of the bench instead of hanging over the edge of the bench. The Ultramount features super solid 316″ steel construction, accessible lower storage tray and coated in beautiful black powdercoat. Lifts your press up 9-58″ to get the shellplate closer to the users eyes. Engineered to be used with the ERGO roller lever to deliver unparalleled ergonomic performance of your machine and reduce fatigue on your shoulders and back. To get the most out of the Ultramount users can also add on the Piggyback Die Rack and the Universal Double Bullet Tray System (not included).

Dimensions: 12″ Wide x 11-1/2″ Deep x 9-5/8″ Tall

Product Information
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Country of Origin
United States of America
Delivery Information
Shipping Weight 11.425 Pounds – 11.525 Pounds


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