Ramshot X Terminator Smokeless Gun Powder 1 For Sale


Ramshot X Terminator Smokeless Gun Powder

Product Overview

Ramshot Smokeless Powder is newly manufactured, meaning it hasn’t been pulled from loaded ammunition and it’s not military surplus powder. Every powder in the Ramshot family is double-based and spherical shaped.

Ramshot TERMINATOR is a double-base spherical powder designed for the high volume 223 varmint hunters who demand a clean-burning, accurate powder. Excellent flow characteristics and small grain size allow trouble-free loading in small diameter case necks. It performs extremely well with light to medium weight bullets in the 223 Remington. It is also an excellent choice for 17 Remington, 20 caliber cartridges, 222 Remington, and the 45-70 Government


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Ramshot X Terminator Smokeless Gun Powder
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