Redding 3 Powder Measure with Universal Metering Chamber


The Redding Model 3 Powder Measure is a great powder measure for any reloader. The micrometer metering chamber is easy to read and located very conveniently in the front of the measure for easy adjustments. The micrometer feature allows reloaders to record their favorite settings for quick reference and set-up when switching between loads. The cast iron from, hand honed fit between the frame and surface drum allows easy metering and cutting of even the most stubborn powders. The included bench-front mounting bracket and see-thru drop tube give the reloader a way to mount the measure to their bench and allow them to see that all of the powder has been dispensed.


Hand honed fit between frame and surface drum, large capacity powder reservoir
Body has standard 7/8″-14 thread to fit mounting bracket and optional bench stand with locking ring for fast dumping
Includes: 22-50 caliber see-thru drop tube

Product Information
Cast Iron
Maximum Powder Charge
100 Grains
Minimum Powder Charge
5 Grains
Metering Chamber
Rifle and Pistol
Powder Type
Smokeless Powder
Press Mountable
Delivery Information
Shipping Weight 3.020 Pounds


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