Sierra MatchKing Bullets 30 Caliber (308 Diameter) 169 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail



Product Overview

This Sierra MatchKing bullet was designed with one thing in mind, and that was to shoot 1000 yards in a 308 Winchester. To accomplish that, Sierra added length to the boattail and engineered a forgiving tangent ogive with a closed nose. Doing this gave it a .527 BC which keeps it supersonic past 1000 yards in a 308 chamber. This bullet is basically a redesign of the legendary 168MK. Anyone that enjoys shooting medium to long-range with a 308 or even the big magnums will love this bullet.


Sierra MatchKing bullets have very thin jackets and are held to exacting tolerances in diameter and weight. These Hollow Point Boat Tail bullets have a small meplat to produce a higher ballistic coefficient. Their accuracy has been acclaimed worldwide and they have been used to win more target competitions than all target bullets from other manufacturers combined. It provides extreme accuracy at medium to long ranges. This is not loaded ammunition.


Product Information

Bullet Caliber
30 Caliber
0.308 Inches
Grain Weight
169 Grains
500 Bullet
Bullet Style
Jacketed Hollow Point Boat Tail
Lead Free
G1 Ballistic Coefficient
Bullet Coating
Sectional Density
Country of Origin
United States of America

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight  

12.340 Pounds
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